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Who Is Dave Ghoul?

Dave Ghoul DJing Shadowland Lancaster

Dave Ghoul (artist David E. Christman of Grendel's Den Design Studio fame) is a longtime DJ and event organizer from Philadelphia that specializes in alternative dance music. During his career he has had his hands in DJing events large and small, running and promoting club nights and concerts, overseeing two production companies, operating an Internet broadcast, and working with a record label.

Dave Ghoul DJing the Philly Zombie Crawl

He has performed at some of the largest alternative events in the region including Dracula's Ball, Diabolique Ball, The Philly Zombie Crawl and Philly Zombie Prom, The Steampunk World's Fair, The SteamWërk Ball, and Twisted World.

His list of guest appearances at club nights and events include Abomination Rise (Philadelphia), ASSIMILATE (Lancaster, PA), Catwalk Tragedy (New York City), chiarOscuro (Washington, DC), Clark Park Music and Arts Festival (Philadelphia), Convergence (Las Vegas), Digital Ferret 4th Friday Event Series (Philadelphia), I Love Industrial, Nocturne (Philadelphia), Intervention (Baltimore), NerdCon (Philadelphia), Nocturne (Philadelphia), Philcon (Philadelphia), Philly Pirate Cruise (Philadelphia), Pop Rock Suicide (Philadelphia), Schadenfreude (Washington, DC), and SIN Thursdays (Trenton, NJ).

He has also held numerous residencies over the years that have included Blister in the Sun, The Dark Corner (John's Dark Corner), Dark Entries, Electro-Current, Final Fridays, Half Priced Burger Groove, Necropolis, Revenant, Time Warp Thursdays, and UNION. Currently he holds two residencies, one at Shadowland Lancaster and the other at The Aviary.

Dave Ghoul DJing Blister in the Sun

His musical styles vary but he mainly focuses on playing Dark Alternative (Goth/Industrial/EBM), Electro, Synthpop, Steampunk, '80s, Punk Rock, Rockabilly, Glam Rock and Metal. There have been times though when he can be heard playing other styles such as Funk, Big Band, Old School, Trip Hop and even Disco. Again, his musical styles vary.

Contact Dave Ghoul

Dave Ghoul is available for bookings at events and clubs throughout the Philadelphia region and the U.S. Clubs and events should inquire at least two weeks in advance of the event, though the further in advance the better. Haunted attractions and Halloween events should inquire no less than three months in advance. Last-minute bookings are accepted but are subject to availability.

If interested please send an email to dave@daveghoul.com, being sure to include details about your event.

Performers, bands, and labels wishing to submit their music for consideration to be played please send an email to dave@daveghoul.com for information oh how to send your promo material.

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