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Dave Ghoul (artist David E. Christman of Grendel's Den Design Studio fame) is a longtime DJ and event producer from Philadelphia that specializes in alternative dance music such as EBM, Electro, Goth, Industrial, and Synth. During his career he has DJed countless events both large and small, as well as produced and co-produced a number of club nights, charity events, fan conventions, live concerts, and zombie-themed events.

Currently he holds two longtime residencies at The Aviary (second Saturday of the month) and Shadowland Lancaster (last Saturday of the month). His past residencies have included Blister in the Sun, The Dark Corner (John's Dark Corner), Dark Entries, Dorian’s Parlor, Electro-Current, Final Fridays, Necropolis, Revenant, and Time Warp Thursdays.

Dave Ghoul DJing Shadowland Lancaster

His list of DJ appearances include Abomination Rise (Philadelphia), Asylum 13 (Wilmington, DE), Catwalk Tragedy (New York City), chiarOscuro (Washington, DC), Clark Park Music and Arts Festival (Philadelphia), Convergence (Las Vegas), Dracula’s Ball (Philadelphia), I Love Industrial (Philadelphia), Intervention (Baltimore), NerdCon (Philadelphia), Nocturne (Philadelphia), Philcon (Philadelphia), PLEASUREcation (Philadelphia), Pop Rock Suicide (Philadelphia), Schadenfreude (Washington, DC), SIN Thursdays (Trenton, NJ), The Steampunk World’s Fair (New Jersey), and Vortex (Philadelphia).

Dave Ghoul DJing Shadowland Lancaster

Over the years he has also produced or co-produced a number of events including ASSIMILATE (Lancaster, PA), Dark Entries (Philadelphia), Diabolique Ball (Philadelphia), Electro-Current (Philadelphia), Final Fridays (Philadelphia), John’s Dark Corner (Philadelphia), The Philly Pirate Cruise (Philadelphia), The Philly Zombie Beach Party (Philadelphia), The Philly Zombie Crawl (Philadelphia), The Philly Zombie Prom (Philadelphia), PURE (Lancaster, PA), Shadowland Lancaster (Lancaster, PA), The Twisted World (New Jersey and Philadelphia), and UNION (Philadelphia).

Dave Ghoul DJing Shadowland Lancaster

Contact Dave Ghoul

Clubs and events should inquire at least two weeks in advance of the event, though the further in advance the better. Last-minute bookings are accepted but are subject to availability.

If interested please send an email to dave@daveghoul.com, being sure to include details about your event.

DJ Sets

You can listen to sample sets on MixCloud.

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